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I'm Sejal

I'm a Ph.D student in the Department of Computer Science at University of Toronto, jointly advised by Dr. Alex Mariakakis and Dr. Eyal de Lara. My research focuses on building intelligent systems that can sense, process, and infer human actions, physiology, and context. I primarily employ signal processing and machine learning techniques to realize such systems that have applications in healthcare, gesture/activity recognition and novel interactions.

Before commencing my Ph.D, I graduated with a Bachelors in Technology from IIIT Delhi, with a major in Computer Science Engineering. As an undergraduate, I worked on multiple research projects under the guidance of Dr. Aman Parnami, Dr. Jainendra Shukla, and Dr. Mayank Goel, among others.



PulmoListener: Continuous Acoustic Monitoring of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in the Wild

Sejal Bhalla, Salaar Liaqat, Robert Wu, Andrea Gershon, Eyal de Lara, and Alex Mariakakis
ACM UbiComp/IMWUT 2023

AttentioNet: Classifying Student Attention Types With EEG

Sejal Bhalla, Dhruv Verma, S. V. Sai Santosh, Saumya Yadav, Aman Parnami, Jainendra Shukla
Sejal Bhalla, Dhruv Verma, Dhruv Sahnan, Jainendra Shukla, and Aman Parnami
ACM UbiComp/IMWUT 2021
Untitled Diagram-Page-2.drawio.png

PAI-BPR: Personalized Outfit Recommendation Scheme with Attribute-wise Interpretability

Sejal Bhalla, Dikshant Sagar, Prarthana Kansal, Jatin Garg, Yi Yu, and Rajiv Ratn Shah
IEEE BigMM 2020
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